Sunday, 20 August 2017


Hi guys,

recently I've been trying out and using the new Photo Finish Iconic Primer Stick* by Smashbox, which prevends to get oily skin for about 12h while wearing your fav' makeup, as well as it keeps my facial skin moisturized (that means that this primer is great for dry skin types too!:)).

Smashbox - Photo Finish Iconic Primer Stick* 36.00 €

(psssst ignore the mass on my clothes butler....)

I keep my daily makeup quite natural (almost non-visible except the eyeliner and mascara) - usually I apply the primer*, a concealer (currently by Catrice cosmetics in the shade - porcelain), a bronzer for my cheeks/upper head and nose area (mixed elf cosmetics bronzer with the creamy bronzer by Manasi Makeup), a lipbalm (translucent), a liquid black eyeliner (douglas makeup), a black mascara (manhattan cosmetics),  some beige shimmer eyeshadow and last but not least a eyebrow brush to put my brows into the right shape and into the right place!:)

The Photo Finish Iconic Primer Stick* is even perfect while beeing on the road (a short business trip or vacation) as the size is quite handy as well as I really love that you can wear it without using any facial cream before - the creamy dry texture itself is quite unique. Never had such a primer before. Actually I've used quite a lot different primers in the past. I've even tried out the Photo Finish Foundation Primer Light by Smashbox, which I didn't really like and probably that was the reason why I stopped using completely any primer (no matter which brand) before I continued my concealer/foundation routine. That might have changed a bit since I've been trying out and still using the new Photo Finish Iconic Primer Stick* - which will definitely stay on my makeup table and will be used daily for a while!