Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Hi guys,

there are plenty of new fall collections out there, no matter whether in fashion, makeup - but we shouldn't forget about painting our nails in the latest (typical 80s inspired) shades. I though to show you the latest Jessica Nail "Street Style" pre-pack*, which contains 6 full-covering dark shades - perfect for Autumn '17:

Jessica "Street Style" Collection* - 59.00 € (at BEAUNITED)

How to apply each of these gorgeous polishes to ensure a perfect manicure for up to a week: 

1. prime your nails with 2 coats of JESSICA Custom Basecoat
2. apply 2 coats of Jessica Colour 
3. don't forget to apply 1 coat of their top coat

JESSICA Nails "Street Style" pre-pack*: 

My first fav' shade from Jessica Nails "Street Style" pre-pack* is "Luscious Leather"* a deeper juicy berry shade (somehow it also reminds me strongly on these posh leather handbags....), which is a great alternative to classic bright red nail polishes as well as it suits really pale skin types - I really enjoy to wear this shade, especially on my hands. 

And of course "Very Vinyl"* as its name already tells, it's funky and doesn't look just good on your hands but also complete your whole look while playing the DJ on your private parties;)

And at least "On The Fringe"* has won my heart, at least until new year! This dark green/grey shade can be worn to red outfits (perfect for christmas like mistletoe meets Poinsettia) - I just love this timeless vintage green shade!

This collection has left me surprised, as I've not though that almost the half of the shades inside would really look good on my pale hands as well that I would love so many shades out of one collection, as usually I get full use of just one shade and this time I already found love in 3 shades!

If you're looking for the perfect birthday gift for your best friend or even yourself or already have christmas gifts in your mind - this "Street Style" pre-pack* might be the perfect one! (they really last up to 1 week on your nails before chipping and getting too flacky, if you apply them like I mentioned above!:)).