Friday, 20 January 2017

Recipe - NON-BAKE White Choc' Cheesecake with Kiwi*

Hi guys,

I've been trying out quite a lot cheesecakes already, but recently I found this recipe, from the book "I Love Cheesecake"*, which isn't just simple but sooooo delicious. To be honest, I've used kiwis instead blueberries, as we hadn't any at home. For that non-bake cheesecake dessert I also used one of my latest fav' pans from patisse the ceramic "brownie pan"*:

You'll need:

For the cookie bottom:

100g Amarettini or you can use like me after XMas: Spekulatius Cookies
80g butter
50g almond flour
2 tsp. sugar or any other sweetener you prefer (like I've used agave syrup:))

For the cream cheese filling:

200g white chocolate (melted)
300g cream cheese
250g mascarpone

For the topping:

300g blueberries or 5-6 kiwis like I've used
1 tsp. powder sugar (if you choose the blueberries)

After your cookie bottom is in the fridge and chills for a while....

I've also added few drops of vanilla extract to give it a bit more flavour.

....Decorate it with fresh fruits

Enjoy it:)

It's very easy peasy, a great recipe for beginners too! This dessert will absolutely blast your sweathearts mind or what about a great picknick dessert for this spring?!:)

This and lots of other quick as well as semi-professional yummy cheesecake recipes, you'll find in  the book "I Love Cheesecake"*:)


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Review - Ovidias Belgian chocolates*

Hi guys,

today I'd love to share with you a completely new chocolate experience, which I made few days ago, after I received 3 cans of Ovidias Belgian chocolate pralines*.

6 middle-sized chocolate pralines (just the "cupido" can contains 7 hearts and the "maximo" 3 buchettes) with different kind of fillings each of them packed in a plastic foil and filled in an aluminium can, which helps to keep the chocolate scent and flavour, simply said, a fresh and intensive chocolate taste with every bite.

Ovidias created a wide selection of different cans, which are perfect for special occasions like: New Year, Valentines Day, Christmas or Birthdays.

(Ovidias "classico" can* /  "I Love You" can*  / "cupido" can*)

The "I Love You" can as well as the "classico" can have the same pralines, just that the "I Love You" can is inspired for such occations like Valentines Day.

You will find a white chocolate covered heart, a dark hexagon praline, dark choc' pyramid, a milk chocolate praline with a nut ornament on the top and a caramel filling (oh my gosh), a milk hazelnut shaped praline with chopped caramelised nuts (sounds overwhelming, now bet how overwhelming it tastes - yum) or a white chocolate covered praline called candide.

The "cupido" can contains only heart shaped chocolate pralines, which makes it to the perfect Valentines Day gift:) It's a selection of milk/dark- as well as white chocolate covered heart pralines.

All in all I would say, that the taste of all pralines is unique, the chocolate is definitely a mile better, than other high prized chocolate pralines, which you can find in good stored groceries or supermarket stores. I found not just, that the pralines stay longer fresh as they come in a closed can but as well if you open the can you smell already a lovely chocolate scent - it truly makes me feel like a 5 year old kid'. Who of you is the same way excited about chocolate scent as me?!

If you haven't tried any of Ovidias chocolate pralines and haven't found a perfect Valentines Day gift yet (I'm talking too much 'bout Valentines Day, seriously I'm in love with chocolate) or maybe Birthday gift yet, you can buy the Ovidias finest Belgium chocolate pralines online at their official Ovidias webshop (no matter if it's snowing, raining or whatever - you don't have to go out:)), they already ship to: Belgium, Netherlands, France, UK and Germany.